A hundred thousand Catholics keep calling me.

Digital collage by Barbaria Maria

A hundred thousand Catholics keep calling me.
Or so the man’s voice claims as he urges me
to vote against my right to marry. He and his
supposed hundred thousand friends say we need
to permit marriage only between one man and one
woman. But who has permitted this man to keep calling
my house of two women with his robo-message that
wants to deny us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness?

Listen, some of my best friends are Catholics,
but I am on the Do-Not-Call list. And I am on the
do-not-harass-me-with-your-agenda list, because I am
an American and what I believe is my business. And who
gets to press me with their urges is my business. Just like
who I marry—that’s my business too. But disunited
America has made it the States’ business by giving all
those special rights and privileges to married people. So,
tell me again, what do the Catholics have to do with the

Does this man even know who he is calling? Why does he
get to go on and on with his litany of misunderstandings
about people, about the sexes, about what love is and
what commitment is into my ear, into my home every day
(sometimes two or three times) for weeks now. Just
because it’s there—my phone, my hello, my home
answering system? I am calling back. I want to say this
harassment over the telephone is a crime. A federal crime.
Because I am an American and not a Catholic and
married to a woman. Married to a woman. My woman.

—KL Robyn
10 March 2012